Sedona Arts Center

Special Exhibition Gallery Application


Application Process: Use of the Special Exhibition Gallery (SEG) must be requested by completing this application and mailing it to the Sedona Arts Center, POB 569, Sedona, AZ 86339. The Sedona Arts Center will notify applicants within two weeks of receipt regarding acceptance/denial of the application. Please review the enclosed Rental Agreement and rental rates prior to completing this Application.


Rental Cost:

$ 60 Day (8 am to 5 pm)

$ 200 Weekend (Thursday 8 am through Monday 5 pm)

$ 350 Week (Thursday 8 am through Wednesday 5 pm)

$ 900 Month (Four full weeks starting on Thursday 8 am through Wednesday 5 pm)

$ ____ Other, please describe:

Name of artist(s) or organization applying:

Contact name & phone number

Mailing address of applicant:


Telephone # of applicant : (res) (bus) (cell)


E-mail of applicant:


Date(s) requested

Name and description of exhibition: (Include setup, intake, and take down schedule. Times must

be coordinated with class times in Theater Classroom.)

Exhibition Goals/Objectives (i.e. education, marketing plans, sales


  • Approved
  • Not Approved


Reviewed by: Date: