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The Creative Soul Retreat offers a unique tour of self-discovery as you explore a world of creative possibilities. Sedona is known for three things; its beautiful and unique landscape, its art colony atmosphere and as a place for spiritual retreat. The Sedona Arts Center has wrapped these elements into a unique package where art and self-discovery fuse - creating the opportunity for artists and those who would consider themselves non-artists to engage fully in the experience of art.

The retreat program is made of six hands-on experiences that become for each participant a personal creative path.

Retreat Dates:

May 23–25, 2015

Tuition $675

Orientation – Komala U. Rohde

Friday, May 22, 7:00 p.m.

The Sedona Art Retreat begins with a welcome evening session with your retreat coordinator Komala. We meet as a group and define what is important to us in our creative exploration. An orientation and outline of the retreat is given. Takes place at Java Love coffee shop.

Komala is a jewelry artist and teacher. Her international career encompasses over 20 years of teaching energy work to students in Europe, Japan as well as in the United States. Sitting at the workbench and creating jewelry is a meditation for her. Komala is certified both as Metal Clay artist and teacher. She is a member of the PMC guild. Komala loves working with both silver and base metals like Bronze, Copper and Steel.

Out of the Smoke  Dennis Ott

Saturday May 23, 9:00 a.m.–Noon

Each student will use the process of making a vessel to connect with the beautiful relationship between emptiness and form. Playful surprises happen during a Raku firing of works that you will glaze. Your completed vessels will be glazed with your choice of finish and sent to you later. The kiln teaches us to create...and then let go.

Dennis Ott is the Head of the Ceramics Department at the Sedona Arts Center. He is a popular instructor in wheel-work and hand building with clay and a master of the Raku firing process. Dennis began his pottery career over 20 years ago with his first pottery class at the Sedona Arts Center. “ Clay is my window that allows me to see the creativity that is within me. I’ll start with an idea and make changes along the way as new possibilities occur. The end result is a captured moment of spontaneous creativity with clay being the catalyst. Each piece represents its own moment and therefore is one of a kind.”


Creative Journaling Libby Caldwell

Saturday May 23, 1:30–4:30 p.m.

Libby teaches us how to combine sketches, color, and words to make unique personal compositions that capture the heart of the moments and memories in your life. By engaging and using all the senses these techniques can be applied to recording everyday life, life changing events, travels and things remembered. Your journal can be used throughout the retreat to enrich your memory and enhance your experience.

Libby has pursued many forms of creative expression: portraiture, painting, illustration. Most recently she has been painting large scale work inspired by small moments captured in her journals and through her photography. Her journaling classes help people to document both the inner and outer journey through drawing, painting and the written word; developing an expanded awareness by engaging all the senses, enhancing the memory and enriching experience.

Creative Photography Larry Lindahl

Sunday May 24, 9:00 a.m.–Noon

Exploring the natural world we will follow our curiosity to the heart of creative photography. Our visual senses will heighten as we enter the gentle landscape of plants, sandstone, water, and clouds. Informed by our individual passions we will give our attention to the subtle nuances of light as we play with poetic compositions, connecting and infusing our work with visual intimacy. We will begin the class with an in-studio orientation and conclude with an uplifting review of images.

Larry Lindahl is a landscape photographer published in books, magazines, and scenic calendars. His award-winning book “Secret Sedona“ explores the red rock wilderness through his vibrant photography and engaging journal entries. From these experiences he was asked to write the chapter on photographing Sedona in the book “Arizona Highways Photography Guide.” His photography is also in the best-selling book, “Grand Canyon: The Vault of Heaven“ and the Smithsonian exhibit “Lasting Light: 125 Years of Grand Canyon Photography.”

The Collage Vince Fazio

Sunday May 24, 1:30–4:30 p.m.

This guided collage process starts with intuitively gathering imagery, then combines design principles with story to integrate images. Students learn to identify and balance the two sided aspects of connections - the narrative and the aesthetic. A 'group wisdom' is then explored to fine-tune the image and story that each collage presents.

Vince is the Director of the School at the Sedona Arts Center. He has taught drawing and painting for many years in the college semester and workshop formats. This collage workshop was originally developed as an element of his painting workshop. He is known for his landscape paintings of the Southwest and still life paintings that include a collage aspect. Vince holds an MFA in painting from the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

The LifeMask  Liz Learmont

Monday May 25, 9:00 a.m.–Noon

'LifeMasking' is a beautiful process of self discovery, acceptance and rebirth. Participants will have a demonstration/orientation and then facilitate each other in creating a real LifeMask with complete guidance from Liz. Everyone will emerge with a new liberating view of themselves. Options for hand casting rather than face-masks are offered.

Liz holds degrees in Computer Science, Math, and Physics with a 20 year career in corporate software engineering and management; yet her passion has expressed itself in the arts throughout her life. Since 1985 Liz has explored the ancient art of LifeMask Sculpting. Her ‘“mask’” is a process more than a product. The materials, sensitivity, and design Liz applies to her forms create a powerful and captivating life expression of the subject's spirit.

Creating the Talisman and Integration – Komala U. Rohde

Monday May 25, 1:30–4:30 p.m.

Using texture and color, this workshop explores decorative finishing techniques in jewelry making to create a talisman. A memories of the retreat begins the designing process for this piece of jewelry. Participants can choose between making a pendant or a small domed plate while applying Patina or enamel to a hammered piece of Metal. Letting the talisman reflect inner qualities and beauty, this workshop will deepen the recognition of your own beauty. This session with the retreat coordinator rounds off the Sedona Art Retreat In this meeting we share results and insights gathered throughout the process.

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