Wet and Wild
Julie Gilbert Pollard | May 12–14, 2017 | $450

Learn how to make water look wet, reflective and splashy! With intimate woodsy creeks as your model, study water in motion and glassy reflection. Painting water that looks wet requires some basic knowledge of the dynamics of how water moves and how objects are reflected in its...

Artist Retreat: Abstract/Figurative Workshop
Robert Burridge | May 15–19, 2017 | $630

This workshop pushes you out of your safe zone and into a brand new, looser, abstract direction drawing, painting and collaging the contemporary nude. You will learn expressive painting techniques for the modern painter...

Abstracting the Landscape
Claudia Hartley | May 20–22, 2017 | $350

Learn to exaggerate and personalize color to create your own version of the unique modern landscape. Using photos of scenes, students will learn how to plan a good composition and how to mix beautiful clean colors. Students will learn how to take advantage of the quick drying...

The Art of Seeing—Making a Painting Work
Ned Mueller | May 22–25, 2017 | $550

A good painting tells as much about the artist as the painting itself. Mueller will talk about the whole process of putting a painting together; from the first concept, to small idea and value composition studies, the use of a color study and on to the finished painting.

Colored Pencil Adventure
Richard Drayton | May 17–19 | June 23–25 | July 21–23 | August 18–20 | $475

Explore the the secrets of creating high performance art with Prismacolor fine art pencils. Award winning artist and illustrator Richard Drayton will guide students through step-by-step techniques that will result in rich blended colors and powerful composition. Printed worksheets and...

The Soul of the Artist
Jeanne Bessette | October 1–5, 2017 | $1500

Jeanne believes that there is an artist in everyone and imagination is the key, that people love to share their stories and paintings are a way to do that without words. Although many techniques will be demonstrated, Jeanne relies heavily on the emotional impact of her work and shows...

Sedona Plein Air Workshop
J.Brad Holt | October 11–13, 2017 | $475

This is an intensive three day plein air oil painting workshop. The objective is to enable students to see real progress in their field painting technique. Concepts covered will be: Tools and materials; Subject and formatting considerations; Composition, drawing, and editing; Color...

Landscape - Source to Studio
Joshua Been | October 17–20, 2017 | Tuition: $525

In this workshop, through clearly explaining concepts in the translation process from a three dimensional environment to a two dimensional surface, I will clear up the mystery, and strengthen your knowledge of the process and visual language of painting, from the source (plein air) to the...

Postmodern Polyptych Painting Workshop
Robert Burridge | October 23–27, 2017 | $630

In this action-packed painting course, you will quickly learn to paint your own series; your own story on four panels. Starting each day, you paint on pre-gessoed, 10x10 inch paper 'practice sheets' and then, moving on to canvas or wooden cradled panels.

Sedona Fall Colors
Betty Carr| October 23–27, 2017 | Tuition: $600

Learn to capture the beauty of light! Betty Carr teaches students to accurately portray the effect of light on any subject in watercolor or oil. The May course is Watercolor only. In the October course students can work in either medium. Both courses will allow students to explore a...

Painting Sedona
Howard Carr| October 25–27, 2017 | Tuition: $475

Howard Carr is considered a master of color and an outstanding teacher who emphasizes the simplicity of how a painting works and how to do it. Pure, clean, luminous results in your landscapes are taught step-by-step, from beginning to end, with daily demonstrations and...

The Egg Tempera Portrait
Koo Schadler | November 6–10, 2017 | $650

Old as the Egyptians and most famous during the Renaissance, egg tempera painting is becoming increasingly popular with artists today. Tempera has unsurpassed luminosity. Dozens of glazes and scumbles can be applied in a day, and yet the medium also allows for meticulous...

Paper Painting
Elizabeth St. Hilaire | November 11–13, 2017 | $400

Paper Paintings is an intense workshop in which students are taught a unique figurative collage technique. Students will learn to make a beautiful palette of colors with various papers and create an under-painting and collage with paper for a final finish. Working with photographic...

Color and Composition Intensive
Aaron Schuerr | March 28–30, 2018 | $475

After filming instructional videos for F+W Media, I have new ideas that I'd like to share! This workshop is designed to help step back and take a deeper look at composition and color. Through exercises and demos you'll learn to how to make confident color choices and create bold...

Emphasizing Abstraction
Stuart Shils | April 27–29, 2018 | $875

This is an intimate class in which there will be focus on each participants work. Using pencils and litho crayons in sketchbooks, we'll investigate issues of how to recognize and understand the interior structure of the 'perceptual moment' through drawing. We'll also use...

The Perceptual Moment
Stuart Shils | May 1–3, 2018 | $875

This class is for those with some experience painting and plein air painting. The workshop will concentrate on deepening and cultivating our visual sensitivity by looking critically at nature and painting with the loaded brush - aspiring to broad yet particular summations of form...

Postmodern Polyptych Painting Workshop
Robert Burridge | May 14–18, 2018 | $630

In this action-packed painting course, you will quickly learn to paint your own series; your own story on four panels. Starting each day, you paint on pre-gessoed, 10x10 inch paper 'practice sheets' and then, moving on to canvas or wooden cradled panels.

Postmodern Polyptych Painting Workshop
Robert Burridge | September 17–21, 2018 | $630

In this action-packed painting course, you will quickly learn to paint your own series; your own story on four panels. Starting each day, you paint on pre-gessoed, 10x10 inch paper 'practice sheets' and then, moving on to canvas or wooden cradled panels.

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