Loosen Up with Aquamedia Media Painting
Robert Burridge | September 17–19, 2018 | $425

Burridge's popular "Loosen Up" workshops nurture individual success and personal enrichment with a big emphasis on daily painting projects at your own pace. It is stress-free, but be warned; you could end up with too much enthusiasm for painting. This Burridge flagship workshop...

Abstract/Figurative 3-Day Workshop
Robert Burridge | September 21–23, 2018 | $425

This workshop pushes you out of your safe zone and into a brand new, looser, abstract direction drawing, painting and collaging the contemporary nude. You will learn expressive painting techniques for the modern painter. If you ever wanted to learn how to paint the freestyle...

A Brush with Emptiness: Zen Creativity and the Art of Life
Alok Hsu Kwang-han | September 29–30, 2018 | $375

Master calligrapher Alok Hsu Kwang-han will guide and inspire you to rest in the spaciousness of your being, to be comfortable and intimate with not knowing, and to allow your brush to dance from emptiness. It will become obvious to you this is a healing journey as well as a creativity...

Responding to Nature — Plein Air Painting
Suzie Baker | October 10–12, 2018 | $475

The workshop will kick off with a lecture and demo. Students receive instruction on principles of painting ranging from drawing, color, value, composition, color theory and so much more. Every day, you will apply what is being taught by getting outside to paint, observing and recording...

Light and Drama — Plein Air Watercolor
Catherine Hillis | October 11–12, 2018 | $325

This two- day workshop will begin with a discussion of plein air supplies and ideas for simplifying equipment in the field. Students will then learn how to begin the thought process for designing an exciting composition from the scene before them and how to simplify that landscape in...

Festival Keynote Workshop: Source to Studio
Bill Cramer | October 16–19, 2018 | $525

This will be an enjoyable and intense 3.5 day workshop involving painting on-site in the Sedona landscape. We will learn the advantages of plein air painting, as well as the various approaches to working on-site and how to efficiently compose and complete plein air paintings...

Plein Air to Studio Demonstration
Bill Cramer | October, 19, 2018 | $50 | 9am–1pm

Join in the last session of Bill Cramers 3.5-day workshop during the Sedona Plein Air Festival (Oct 13 - 20, 2018). Bill is the Keynote Speaker and judge for this year's festival. This half day demonstration takes you through a studio process as he works up a larger painting...

Creative Travel Journals
Stan Fellows | October 21–22, 2018 | $200

This is a joyful, two-day workshop for curious, adventuresome artists and non-artists to learn the skill of unhurried observation. Doodling a map for someone, you go for clarity, not art, right? Slow drawing works in a similar way: It quiets the mind and lets experience saturate us...

Painting Sedona
Howard Carr | October 24–26, 2018 | $475

Howard Carr is considered a master of color and an outstanding teacher who emphasizes the simplicity of how a painting works and how to do it. Pure, clean, luminous results in your landscapes are taught step-by-step, from beginning to end, with daily demonstrations and individual instruction. Each day will begin with a question-and -answer session followed by...

Landscape - Source to Studio
Joshua Been | October 25–28, 2018 | $525

In this workshop, through clearly explaining concepts in the translation process from a three dimensional environment to a two dimensional surface, I will clear up the mystery, and strengthen your knowledge of the process and visual language of painting, from the source...

Plein Air to Studio Demonstration
Joshua Been | October 28, 2018 | $50

Join in the last session of Joshua Been's 3.5-day workshop for a demonstration of his studio process as he works up a larger painting from a plein air study. This demonstration will be a wonderful overview, and a great opportunity to review and re-take notes on effective studio...

Texture - Color - Feeling
Jan Sitts | November 5–7, 2018 | $425

Jan's experience and enthusiasm create an atmosphere of fun and spontaneity inspiring new directions and discovery through innovative combinations of design and materials. By combineing aggressive textures and unusual mediums with various "raw" materials in the abstract painting...

Abstracting the Landscape
Claudia Hartley | November 8–10, 2018 | $350

Learn to exaggerate and personalize color to create your own version of the unique modern landscape. Using photos of scenes, students will learn how to plan a good composition and how to mix beautiful clean colors. Students will learn how to take advantage of the quick drying...

Watercolor - Texture and Story
Alan Wylie| November 10–13, 2018 | $550

Learn to create amazing textures with unorthodox techniques in this unique workshop with Alan Wylie. Students will each choose an image to work with and learn to develop their piece in a step-by-step process starting with thumbnails to work out the composition, then careful...

Paper Painting - Animals & Pets
Elizabeth St. Hilaire | November 30–December 2, 2018 | $400

During this comprehensive 3-day workshop you will learn a unique figurative mixed media collage technique. Emphasis will be on defining form using light and shadow, and treating every torn tidbit of paper as a brush stroke. Students will create impressionistic collages that look...

Sedona Dreamscapes Painting Nature Using Acrylic and Metal Leaf
Jean Bradbury | December 3–6, 2018 | $500

Taking inspiration from the natural setting of Sedona we will paint the plants, animals and geology that surrounds us, combining them into magical landscapes reminiscent of memories or dreams. We will capture the changing desert light by using copper, aluminum and 'gold' leaf...

Sedona Painting the Story in the Still Life
Scott Conary | April 5–7, 2019 | $475

Every painting, even the humble still life, has a story in it. It's told by what subject we choose to paint, how we present that subject, and how we paint it. Finding what interests us in a subject and how we connect to it drives that story, and directs how the painting is made...

Chasing the Light

Tony Allain | April 10–12, 2019 | $450

The quest for 'perfection' can bring with it fear of making mistakes and can result in an inhibited style. I will share some of my working methods concentrating on painting landscapes, water, figures, sky, sunset and still life subjects that have a bit of punch! Using direct strokes on a...

Painting from the Rim of the Grand Canyon

Bill Cramer | May 3–5, 2019 | $450

Nothing really compares to painting at the edge of the Grand Canyon. This three-day intensive offers: master instruction, the support of the Grand Canyon Association Field Institute (GCAFI) and coordination through the Sedona Arts Center. We will car pool to various locations on...

Contemporary Mixed Media

Joan Fullerton | April 26–28, 2019 | $525

Join us for inspiring demonstrations, lectures, encouragement and practice. You'll learn how to coax hints of reality from an abstract background, how to integrate collage imagery, how to control values and colors for emotional emphasis, and how to suggest rather than delineate...

The Egg Tempera Portrait

Koo Schadler | November 11–15, 2019 | $650 + $60 materials fee payable to instructor

Old as the Egyptians and most famous during the Renaissance, egg tempera painting is becoming increasingly popular with artists today. Tempera has unsurpassed luminosity. Dozens of glazes and scumbles can be applied in a day, and yet the medium also allows for meticulous...



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