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A Painting a Day


Abbey Ryan

May 16–20, 2016

Open to all Levels

Class meets 10am–5pm on the first day, 9am–4pm on subsequent days with a one hour lunch.




This workshop focuses on everything there is to love about painting. Drawing on her many years of painting, Abbey shares how to develop your own personal approach to painting and how to have a positive painting experience most every time.

To begin the day, Abbey will demonstrate her Alla Prima method, and will cover basics such as selecting the best still life objects, arranging a still life to encourage a 'spark', lighting, brush selection, canvas toning, palette choices, paint, and mediums. In one-on-one instruction, Abbey shares all of the techniques and methods that have made her daily painting practice so successful. She meets you where you are, answers all your questions, and moves you forward with your own personal method of painting.

Abbey will cover many topics, such as how to begin a painting, the language of light, gesture, how to wield a brush, color mixing, and the classical still life.
Abbey will also discuss her experience selling and marketing paintings online. Topics will include how to best use blogs, websites, newsletters, eBay, DailyPaintworks, and online and in-person galleries to show and sell your work.

Abbey will thoroughly explain her daily painting practice. Her main goal for this workshop is to help you establish your own enjoyable approach to confidently continue on your painting journey. Visit for more information. To learn about Abbey's teaching philosophy, watch this video:


Payment Options: Students may pay in full or choose the payment-plan option during registration. The payment plan requires a non-refundable $125 deposit with the balance due 30 days before the first day of the workshop.

Class meets 10 - 5 on the first day, 9 - 4 on subsequent days with a one hour lunch.




Workshop Materials List

(copy and paste into a new document to print it out)

Oil Paint
If you have a palette of colors that you prefer, feel free to use it. Here is what is on Abbey's palette:
Alizarin crimson
Cadmium red deep
Cadmium red light
Cadmium yellow
Cadmium yellow light
Cadmium lemon
Ultramarine blue (French ultramarine)
Phthalo blue
Burnt Sienna
Titanium white
Ivory black
Recommended Brands: Williamsburg and Winsor & Newton (professional grade)


Single edge flat razor blade scraper (to clean your palette)

Brushes & Painting knife
Good brushes make a significant difference! Bring brushes that you like to use.

Turpenoid (Alternate: Gamblin Gamsol)
For cleaning brushes. Do not bring Turpentine or Odorless Mineral Spirits.

Stand oil (Alternate: Gamblin Neo Megilp): Small jar (8 oz. or less)
For a painting medium, stand oil will be mixed in a small jar with lid?2 parts Turpenoid to 2 parts stand oil (give or take a bit). Abbey will demonstrate this process.

3 Small Jars with lids (2 for Turpenoid, 1 for solvent mixture)
Cleaned out jelly jars work well.

Oil cup (or cleaned out tuna can) for stand oil medium
VIVA! Paper towels - one roll OR lint-free rags
Latex gloves (optional)
Fels Naptha soap or any kind of soap or vegetable oil (to clean brushes/hands)
Clean pizza or Shirt boxes to transport wet paintings

Painting Supports
Bring what you like to paint on - assorted sizes approx. 5x7 in., 6x8 in., 8x10 in., etc.
Bring enough for one or two panels/canvases per day.

Abbey often uses linen mounted on panel made by RayMar.
RayMar ( brand panels are available online.

Last but not least: Bring Things You'd Like to Paint
Fruit, vegetables, cups, bowls, vases, etc. - anything SIMPLE that inspires you. Also, bring solid paper or fabric for under/behind your set up.

About Abbey Ryan

Abbey Ryan is an artist's artist, known for her inspiring, illuminating, and supportive teaching approach.
Inspired by the "A Painting a Day" movement, Abbey started making daily paintings for her blog, Ryan Studio, on 9/23/07. Seven years later, Abbey's blog has had over half a million visitors from over 100 countries. Her paintings have been featured in "O, The Oprah Magazine's" Live Your Best Life—Women Who Make Beautiful Things, Seth Godin's bestseller, Linchpin: Are You Indispensible?, and FOX's Good Day Philadelphia, among many others. She was recently named #5 on the list of 49 Creative Geniuses by Boost Blog Traffic. Through her blog, Abbey’s work is in over nine hundred private and public collections all over the world.

Daily painting is Abbey's meditative time and the best part of her day. Attempting to paint every day speaks to her interest in ritual, practice, classical still life and trompe l'oeil painting. In sharing her work on her blog, she explores the complexities of internet globalization.

Abbey was fortunate to have studied with David A. Leffel at the Art Students League of New York, and this experience, combined with her painting travels in Italy, continues to have the greatest impact on her work. She also completed undergraduate work in both science and art at Arcadia University, graduate work at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and graduate work at Hunter College, NYC. Abbey was born and raised in New Jersey, USA.

In addition to working in her studio in Philadelphia, Abbey teaches Painting Workshops and offers one-on-one Private Painting Mentoring online instruction. She is also an Assistant Professor of studio art at Arcadia University.

Visit for more information.







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