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Art Matters - Sedona Arts Center Newsletter
Issue No. 2 - October 2012

Description: oanie WolterVolunteer Corner
Joanie Wolter

Hello Members! My name is Joanie Wolter and I'm the Volunteer Coordinator for the Sedona Arts Center. As many of you know, the Arts Center could not function without its team of volunteers. I want to let you know about some of the volunteer opportunities here and invite you to join us in the many roles played by our volunteers. We have ongoing jobs like working in the gallery and doing yard work on First Friday mornings. You can help out at special events as well and we have a doozie of an event coming up this month. You won't want to miss it, and the best way to experience it is as a team member!!  

Here’s how you can participate:

The Arts Center’s premier event is the Plein Air Festival, which takes place Oct. 20–27, and we’ll need lots of you to help. There are many opportunities that allow you to meet and get to know the 30 artists as well as sell their art work. On Oct. 20, you can help greet the artists, stamp their canvases, serve them lunch, and pass out flyers while the Main Street Paint Out is going on uptown. This day is the best one for schmoozing with the artists and watching them paint.

On Thursday, Oct. 25, you can help out during the Quick Draw at the Sedona Heritage Museum. Then Saturday, Oct. 27 is the grand finale with wine tasting and live auction. Ticket sellers are needed from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Last but not least, is the exhibition to be held from Sunday, Oct. 21 through Friday, Oct. 26  in the SEG and Theater Studio. You have the opportunity to get to know the artists’ work firsthand while greeting customers and introducing them to our 8th Annual Plein Air event.

Immediately following the Plein Air Festival, we will have a very special exhibition in the SEG that will require docents from Oct. 30 through Nov. 10. It features the varied artworks of one of the Southwest’s early female plein air artists, Lillian Wilhelm Smith (LWS). Maybe you haven’t heard of her because women artists didn’t get much press (still don’t, for that matter). LWS traveled the West with author Zane Grey and illustrated his books. She also ran a B&B in Sedona for a decade and remained in this area until her death in 1971. You can surround yourself with her plein air paintings while sharing her story with guests. Training will be offered prior to the exhibition and a free presentation by art historian Dr. Betsy Fahlman on “Arizona Pioneering Women Artists” takes place on Nov. 10 at 1:30 p.m. in the Theater Studio.

If you have questions or are interested in helping out in any way, please contact me at or 928-204-5518. I look forward to hearing from you!

Joanie Wolter

A Desk in the Barn
Pam Frazier
It has been five weeks since I first sat at the director's desk at Sedona Arts Center. I've occupied desks in offices, desks in galleries, and even a desk in a tent, but this is the first time in a long career of nonprofit management that I've had a desk in a Barn.

I grew up in rural California surrounded by horses, sheep, chickens, rabbits and dogs, so I feel like I've come home. Alas, the Art Barn doesn't smell quite like that barn in the Valley. Instead, it smells like fresh oil paint and wet clay and it vibrates with the energy of creativity, self discovery and good humor. This is the one job that could tempt me out of retirement and I'm lovin' it. 

I’ve moved to this desk at an auspicious time in the Arts Center’s history. A number of important elements have aligned to set us up for exciting times. We have a strong, committed board, a talented and dedicated staff, a roster of volunteers without whom we could not survive, and a mission that we all believe in. And we have a plan—a recently completed a Strategic Plan, which we are now implementing. Already we’ve picked some low-hanging fruit that we refer to as Quick Wins—things that could be accomplished with little or no money, no additional staff, etc.—such as:

  • Using a “dark” month in the Special Exhibition Gallery calendar to host a members’ co-op exhibit and sale;
  • Organizing a Business of Art series of short workshops that are free to our members (starting in November);
  • Expanding our curriculum and facility by offering courses at three satellite studios;
  • Launching this new monthly newsletter for members;
  • Establishing task forces composed of staff, volunteers, members, board and patrons to address some important issues;
  • … To name a few.

We’re really excited about two things that have been on back burners for way too long and are now moving into the kiln:

  • Thanks to a generous donation from Daryl Kling and Lewis Guthrie, through the Kling Family Foundation, we are finally able to replace our decade-old computers with state-of-the-art technology. The new All-in-One computers will look like something of an anomaly in the Barn, but what a great anomaly!
  • We’re about to begin refurbishing the Art Barn—something we’ve all been looking forward to for decades! Really. It’s true.

Tune in here each month to find out what is in the works. And please stop by the office to say Hello. I’ll most likely be at my desk in the barn sitting in front of a new computer.

Pam Frazier,
Executive Director.

Season Opener
Vince Fazio  
Our Open House theme for First Friday was a great success! The entire Arts Center campus was buzzing and the parking lot overflowed. Thank you to all who attended our wonderful open house on First Friday, Sept 7. Local faculty profiled every aspect of the school's programming in the Theatre Studio, North Studio and Ceramics Studio. The Open Members' Exhibition is always a big draw and the Ceramics Studio hosting a student ceramic sale brought a lot more people. Featured artists in the Members' Gallery –Lydia Dillon-Sutton, Susan Pitcairn, Jeffrey Perkins, Mary Flaisig and Judy Classen–also bring a crowd of their own, so there was a nice feeling of dispersed population over the whole campus for the entire evening. Sales from student artists generated income for the Center and sales from the Gallery and Special Exhibition Gallery made for a banner day.


Some Facts   

  • 7 Faculty members demonstrating
  • 10 Student ceramists ($1,400 in sales)
  • 72 Artists Participating in the Open Members Exhibition and five Featured Artists ($2,500 in gallery sales)
  • 541 Members and Guests attending!


Vince Fazio,
Director, School of the Arts

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:kelliklymenko:Desktop:PAF2012:pafbanner.jpg

Sedona Plein Air Festival 2012

This month 30 artists from across the country will converge on Sedona to take part in the Sedona Arts Center's 8th Annual Plein Air Festival. You'll see them at their easels all over town, down by the creek, at the Sedona Heritage Museum and Jerome. The week-long festival, October 20 through 27, offers free events and several opportunities to purchase original artworks, some while the paint is still wet!

For a complete schedule of events, visit us online at: and mark your calendar to assure that you won't miss a thing!

Help us name this newsletter!

We received 25 responses to our "Name the Newsletter" request. Thanks to all of you who submitted entries! We sent the list to a group of jurors and asked them to select the five entries they liked best. The five titles that got the most votes are listed below.

Please cast your vote by sending an email to with your selection (choose only one).

                    [  ]   SAC Art Beat
                    [  ]   Talk of the Arts
                    [  ]   Art Matters
                    [  ]   Mixed Media
                    [  ]   SAC Scene

The person who submitted the winning title will receive a $50 gift certificate that can be used in the Gallery or the School. We'll announce the winner in the November newsletter!  

Is there anyone in the Sedona Arts Center family who hasn't met Lucy? If so, you need to make a special trip to our gallery to make her acquaintance. But if you can't make the trip, meet her "virtually" through the Sedona Arts Center's website and stay in touch for a monthly visit.

Visit for her inaugural story!

Implementing Our Strategic Plan

We're underway! The implementation of the Sedona Arts Center's long-range strategic plan began in earnest this past June after it was approved by the Board of Directors. One of our first steps was to convene four task forces to tackle key organizational issues: Fund Development, Gallery & Exhibitions, Information & Infrastructure, and Business Development. Here's a quick update on how things are developing.

Fund Development (Members: Larry Swearingen, David Simmer, Pam Frazier, John Heyer, Rick Gandolfo & Ed Wade) We’ve finally got a plan to raise money for the Arts Center! Thanks in large part to new board member David Simmer, the task force now has a working draft to follow. The next step is for the task force to refine the plan and then move into the implementation phase once board approval has been given.

Gallery & Exhibition (Members: Shirley Albecht, Joanie Wolter, Patsy Reed, John Danbury, Sharon Manzke, Cyndi Thau & Ken Rowe) This task force is focused on responding to the member’s calls for more transparency in the jurying process and tenure policy in addition to addressing any conflicts of interest. To that end, the task force is putting forth a set of recommendations for board approval to address all three areas of concern. As well, the task force is exploring new ways for the Gallery to participate in the educational mission of the Arts Center while tackling the tension between the Gallery’s need to generate income while at the same time meeting the members’ interests to show. Needless to say, this is a very focused task force!

Information & Infrastructure (Members: Jim Peterson, Jan Naumer, Debbie Winslow, Kelli Klymenko & Pam Frazier) This task force got a real boost recently thanks to a very generous donation from the Kling Family Foundation, which made it possible for the Arts Center to purchase seven (!) new computers. Now the task force can focus on the Art Center’s current and forecasted technological needs for data capture, storage, usage, analytics, applications, and Web presence specific to program and business needs. You can help by responding to the survey recently posted []. If you haven’t already done so, please respond because we need and value your input!  

Business Development (Members: Charlie Wolter, Pam Frazier, Cheryl Sinn, Vince Fazio, Sonya Malkhassian & David Simmer) What does “success” look like for the School, Gallery, and Special Events? What are the components for each of them to break-even, at a minimum, and boost the bottom line, if at all possible? These are the questions this task force is looking at (note: so are our potential donors!). Already, a new strategy is emerging for the School that will be captured in recommendation form for board approval. 

The 54th Annual Members' Meeting

The Annual Members' Meeting was held on Wednesday evening, September 19, 2012. This meeting is held each year for the election of board members and to provide information about the state of the Arts Center. Vice President Jim Peterson presided over the meeting that included a gift presentation to former Executive Director Mei Wei Wong. Pam Frazier our current Executive Director and Consultant Kath Gilliam went over the status of the Sedona Arts Center strategic plan. Treasurer Charlie Wolter reviewed our current financial status. We had 37 attendees including Arts Center staff along with current and former board members of the Sedona Arts Center.

Renata Barnwell

Chair, Membership Committee  


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