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Issue No. 9 - May 2013

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A Desk in the Barn
Abbey Ryan
Members' Summer Co-op
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Gallery Alive with Activity
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May 3
Poets Corner with Paul Dresman 4-5 p.m.
First Friday opening reception "Unstructured" from 5-8 p.m. [+learn more]

May 4–5
“Fun with Finishing”
with Carol Commins
[+learn more]

May 13–15
“The Sedona Art Retreat,” art-as-self-discovery workshop [+learn more]

May 16–19
“Plein Air Painting”
with Skip Whitcomb
[+learn more]

May 18–19
“Self Publishing and Marketing with Social Media Workshop” with Kelli Klymenko
[+learn more]

May 20–24
“Experience the Joy of Painting” with Abbey Ryan
[+learn more]

For a full listing of our weekly classes: [click here]

Lucy's Blog

Did You Know?

Live performances began at the Sedona Arts Center in 1971 with a production of Eugene O’Neil’s Long Days Journey Into Night, starring and directed by Earl Sennett, nephew of Mack Sennett who was the producer of the Keystone Cops for his Keystone Film Company between 1912 and 1917. Earl was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. The group formed as the Art Barn Theatre Company. The production was originally scheduled for a two-weekend run, but was so popular, it was held over for an additional weekend.

The theatre closed in June, 2001. The last production was an original musical, “Stiffs”, written, produced by, and starring Dev Ross, John Reynolds, Mike Gilbert, and SAC employee Debbie Winslow written, produced by, and starring Dev Ross, John Reynolds, Mike Gilbert, and SAC employee Debbie Winslow, whom many of you know.

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A Desk in the Barn
Pam Frazier, Executive Director

I love this time of year. Yes, because the days are getting longer and warmer. Yes, because the trees are leafing out (though it’s harder to see Snoopy Rock through the trees beyond my window). But what really excites me are those days when the Arts Center campus is hopping. Today is one of those days.

Twenty-one students are painting Realistic and Impressionistic Florals with instructor Gary Jenkins in the Theatre Studio—the only classroom that could accommodate that many people, each with an easel, stool and taboret; Joseph is setting up the South Classroom for the Zen Calligraphy workshop with Alok Hsu Kwang-han that starts tomorrow morning; and Jeanne Carbonetti is leading an Expressive Watercolor workshop, which distills her many years of teaching into a model for every kind of painter to tap into their most expressive abilities. As soon as Jenkins’ painters head home, Susan Kliewer arrives to set up for her students who will be Capturing Beauty in Clay. On the ground floor of the barn, ceramics students are filling four different time slots throughout the week and volunteers are arriving on Thursday afternoons to make bowls for the Loving Bowls community fund raiser in December.

Did I mention the sound of pounding in the Special Exhibition Gallery, where the Arizona Pastel Artists Association is installing their annual show for an opening reception tomorrow?

Off campus, Carol Marine’s sold-out Capturing People and Places workshop is wrapping up its four-day expedition to San Francisco’s Mission District where they have been painting in the mornings and spending afternoons roaming the city to photograph the subjects they will use as reference for their paintings.

And so it goes. The next few weeks will be much like this week has been. And while these workshops were full, there are still spaces in the following classes led by some of our best-loved instructors (click on the class titles for more information):

Extruders in Metal Clay, Intermediate – Komala Rohde – May 3
Fun with the Finishing (ceramics workshop) – Carol Commins – May 4
A Weekend Mosaic Experience – Delfina Valentini – May 4
Drawing Crash Course – Vince Fazio – May 6
Pendant with Enamel, Intermediate – Komala Rohde – May 10
Plein Air Painting with Skip Whitcomb – May 16
Painting Crash Course – Gretchen Lopez – May 18
Fun with Fiberclay Sculpture – Joanie Wolter – May 18
Glass Fusion – Lori Levin – May 18
Pottery Wheel for Beginners – Richard Bayles – May 18
Experience the Joy of Painting – Abbey Ryan – May 20
Design Crash Course – Landscape Focus – David Haskell – May 22
Glass Fusion – Lori Levin – June 8
Potter Wheel for Beginners – Richard Bayles – June 29
Still Life Painting and Art Business – Qiang Huang – July 17

Treat yourself to an uplifting experience. It’s wonderful to be around so much positive, creative energy.

Abbey Ryan

Abbey Ryan - still life

Abbey Ryan—tour de force!
Instructor Profile by Louise MacDonald

Abbey Ryan is an artist who knows no frontiers! She exhibits her work all over this country and has won awards in several states; her blog is read around the world. But Ryan's work is all her own.

Ryan is an individualist. She follows no one; she sets her own pace. She is a leader in the worldwide Painting-A-Day movement. At a large solo exhibition of "New Work on Paper" in Allentown, Pennsylvania this year, Ryan's paintings are highly contemporary, limited to the severity of white, gray and black—mostly white. Repetitive, yes. But there's more than repetition evident here. Ryan displays not only the experimental and imaginative aspects of her creativity, but also a sort of scientific curiosity. What works in painting?

But Ryan is not limited to contemporary styles. What Ryan refers to as her “classical” oil paintings are in the form of still life, a style that flourished in northern Europe in the 16th century.  Ryan associates still life with “relaxing, slowing down, loving.” She brings this intimate form back to us in the shaping of domestic objects—bottles, fruit and vegetables—in color against a dark ground similar to the work of 18th century French painter J. B. S. Chardin. This style, totally remote from most contemporary art, is refreshing and exciting when executed by the unpredictable, incredibly versatile Abbey Ryan.
Abbey Ryan will teach a course on still life, "Experience the Joy of Painting" at the Sedona Arts Center Monday-Friday May 20-24. You can learn more about her at

ABBEY RYAN - Workshops & Private Painting Mentoring

Members' Summer Co-op
Sharon Manzke, Membership Coordinator

July 25 – August 25, 2013

Save this date! If you are a member of the Sedona Arts Center and an artist who would like to show and sell your work, this is your chance!

This is one of many opportunities for our member artists to experience having their work in a gallery. The exhibition brings artists together to share their ideas and knowledge. It provides a venue for you to show a collection of work and experience the public’s interest and reaction to your creativity.

Your participation is important to the success of the exhibit; a successful co-op depends on all participating artists to contribute time to staff the gallery, ensuring that we will be open to the public as scheduled. I am looking forward to meeting new artists and seeing those of you who have participated in prior co-op events.

Choosing what to exhibit can sometimes be challenging. Review your pieces, be objective, look at the quality of work. Your work represents you; choose only your best work. Be cohesive: Does the collection of work make a statement? Do the pieces represent your style?     

Deciding on the value of your work is usually the other stumbling block. Pricing art is an art in itself. You should be comfortable with your prices and you also need to be realistic. Do some research, look at similar types of work in your medium. Then do some math: look at the most common size of your work, start with those pieces and establish the price that fits your market, then price by size of work, not emotion. We have a new book in the Gallery that covers these subjects in more detail. Stop in and check it out. Nine Steps to a Successful Art Event by Melinda Cootsona. The co-op puts you face to face with your customers. Selling is a technique that does take practice and sometimes patience. The Arts Center is here to help guide you through it all.

Applications will be available soon online and at the Arts Center office and gallery; it will provide all of the details regarding due dates for applications and take-in. You’ll hear more from us as the application date approaches. But in the meantime, start your creative engines so you’ll have a body of work to present to the buying public this summer!

Welcome New Members!

We welcome new members Nicolee, Michael and Jessica Hiltz, Jake Theissen, Dakota Plante, Paul Kanter and Susan Meyer, Brian and Melanie Gold, Peter Johnson, Marty Sewell, Mary Manning, Will and Cheryl Blume, Katie Leinweber, Dottie Novak, and Frances Piecyk. And we’re also very pleased to reconnect with two of our former board members—Eleanor Hamilton and Gordon Yates!

Gallery Alive with Activity
Shirley Eichten Albrecht, Gallery Director

The early months of this year have been hopping in the gallery, too. In addition to our monthly exhibits featuring member artists, we’ve welcomed eight new artists as a result of the winter jurying process. Along with that, we have scheduled ongoing artist demonstrations. The variety of demonstrations provides something for everyone. They include many different types of jewelry making, painting in oil, acrylic and watercolor, weaving, drawing and sculpture. This also allows time to talk directly with the artist about their materials, technique and inspiration.If you have not had the opportunity to check this out, you can find our schedule on the website—just click here [link]. The list is also posted at the gallery.

Are you interested in exhibiting in the Fine Art Gallery? Now is the time to begin putting together your portfolio. The next submission date is the month of July 2013. To help you with this we have posted the guidelines on the website or you can also pick it up at the gallery. If you have any questions about the process be sure to ask the manager. It is always wise to spend some time in the gallery to get a feel for the art currently being exhibited and what the opportunity might be for something new and different. The jurying is done by an independent group comprised of three recognized artists from the community. Don’t forget, you must be a member of the Sedona Arts Center to submit!

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming and we have many items that would make perfect gifts. A very special gift would be a McKeown Mother’s Cross in sterling silver for only $45 or gold plated for $65. Click here to order. We all look forward to seeing you at the gallery!

Classroom Equipment
Kelli Klymenko, Marketing Director

We haven't reacehd our goal yet! We're raising money for new studio sets composed of an Artist Easel, an Artist Stool and a Modeling Stand. Make your donation today and help an artist transform their artistic vision into a work of art! Make a donation today to help us reach our goal of $4000 to update our classrooms!

Online fundraising for Classroom Equipment

Look for much more in our upcoming newsletters! Past issues are archived on our website: [click here]








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