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Art Matters - Sedona Arts Center Newsletter
Issue No. 10- June 2013

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A Desk in the Barn
Joella Jean Mahoney
PhotoFest 2013
Gallery News
Members' Corner


June 2 & 9
Alternative Firings for Ceramics

June 3  
10 a.m.–5 p.m.
PhotoFest photography exhibitions open in Special Exhibition Gallery and Theatre Studio

June 3  
5:30–5:30 p.m.
Debunking Art Hierarchies / Enhancing Personal Vision
with Jim Romberg
This presentation will seek responses to these questions by:Challenging some of the commercial and conceptual artistic "giants" of the20th century, the theories and promotions used to push them to mythiceconomic and artistic value. Free to members.

Click here to register 

June 4–9
PhotoFest 2013 [click here]

June 7  
2:30 p.m. & 4 p.m.
Poetry Workshop and reading with Rosemarie Dombrowski

5–8 p.m.
First Friday
Opening receptions in Fine Art Gallery, Special Exhibition Gallery, Theatre Studio, and Student Clay Gallery

June 17–29
9 a.m.–noon
Art Summer Camp
Ages 8–13

June 22–24
Art Retreat

June 27
The Influence of Manet
Free to Members

July 17–19
Sill Life Painting & Art Business

July 27–29
Art Retreat

October 8–13
From Zion to Capitol Reef

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A Desk in the Barn
Pam Frazier, Executive Director

I continue to be amazed at the depth and breadth of talent in our community. People have settled here from all over the country, many of them drawn by the physical beauty, creative energy and spirituality of the area. We are people from the diplomatic service, politics, education, marketing, journalism, movie making, for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Holocaust survivors, medical and legal professions and, of course, the arts. Some are celebrities, most are lesser-known treasures. Many enrich our community by sharing their expertise and experience with the Verde Valley’s many nonprofit organizations.

So it was no surprise that when the Sedona Arts Center sought to produce a short video to introduce our organization to people who were unfamiliar with us, we discovered an award-winning documentary film maker in our midst, Skip Thomas. Over the past 30 years Skip has produced videos and commercials for many Fortune 500 companies as well as high-profile politicians, and you’ve undoubtedly seen his commercials for regional healthcare organizations. His full-length documentary Sacred Journey of the Heart was featured at the Sedona International Film Festival in February and at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Here’s what he has produced for the Sedona Arts Center:


Another treasure is Joella Jean Mahoney. Many of you know the name even if you haven’t met her or are unfamiliar with her work. Her art is perhaps better known in major art markets in New York, Texas and California than it is in her hometown of Sedona. Joella is a longtime, generous supporter of the Sedona Arts Center. She has been on the faculty of our school, has lectured on occasion and is always ready to support the arts in Sedona in any way she can. As evidence of that support, Joella is donating a painting to the Sedona Arts Center to be used in raising funds to support our work. Name of Painting will be unveiled at the opening reception on First Friday, June 7, at our Fine Art Gallery and will be available for purchase at that time. Joella is donating 100% of proceeds from the sale to the Sedona Arts Center. Join us at First Friday, June 7, to celebrate this remarkable artist on the occasion of her 80th birthday!


Canyon Sanctuary
Joella Jean Mahoney

Then there is Louise MacDonald—foreign correspondent, art critic, author of several books and world traveler. Even in retirement from her illustrious career as a journalist, she cannot not write! Lucky for us. See what she has to say about the art of Joella Jean Mahoney below.



Louise MacDonald, Contributing Writer

The evening skies of Arizona are dramatic, especially during Monsoon season in July and August. . . . The cloudscapes are as exciting and complex as are the landscapes below them. I love to daydream up there in those clouds.    —Joella Jean Mahoney

In her art Joella Jean Mahoney muses about what she sees in the sky and finds reflected in her soul. She is an unusual visual artist in that she can write with ease, expressing her feelings about what she sees and absorbs around her in this Arizona landscape, writing with as much imagination and expression as she paints. In fact, Mahoney's professors in college advised her to take up writing as a career.

Lucky we are that Mahoney decided to devote her life to painting. It was in 1951 that she stepped off the train in Flagstaff, Arizona, and saw the Colorado Plateau for the first time.
“I knew this place was home. I saw a landscape that matched how I felt inside. The vast, unfolding vistas implied endless life possibilities.” And so, Arizona was suddenly endowed with its own creator of splendid canvases that interpret for us its vastness and its mysterious beauty.

Mahoney's great enthusiasm, her exhilaration and her joy in the southwest scene lead her to speculate that that energy adds to the value and quality of her work. Nature itself is the great teacher. Of Lone Mesa, High Wind, 1984 (Southwest Landscape Series), Mahoney wrote, “The skies of the Southwest paint themselves a thousand canvases every day. Sometimes I think that I have invented a unique sky, and then I go for a walk and there it is, over the top of the mesa, just what I made up.”

[continue reading...]

Louise Sheldon MacDonald is a free-lance writer living in Sedona. She has been an art reviewer in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD for over 20 years.

June 7, 5–8 p.m. First Friday Opening Reception
Sedona Arts Center’s Fine Art Gallery

June 20, 5–6 p.m. Conversation with Joella Jean Mahoney
Sedona Arts Center’s Fine Art Gallery

June 21, 5–8 p.m. Wine and Cheese Reception
At the Artist’s Studio, 495 Smith Road, Uptown Sedona



Vince Fazio, Director School of the Arts

Now in its third year, Sedona PhotoFest is upon us! This year’s program includes four workshops by nationally-known photographers and a fabulous FREE DAY that includes presentations by all four—John Paul Caponigro, Scott Stulberg, Suzanne Mathia and Tony Sweet. Each is also teaching a workshop either before or after the Free Day. To see the entire spectrum of photography programs, [click here]. Two workshops are full, but there is still room in John Paul Caponigro’s workshop on June 7, and in Suzanne Mathia’s workshop on June 8-9.  Combined with the Free Day, this makes for a wonderful three- to four-day curriculum of shooting and subsequent lab work in the digital labs at Yavapai College’s Sedona Center for Art and Technology.

The Free Day, June 6, is underwritten by the City of Sedona and Canon. The entire day is open to the public, though we request that you register with us either online [click here] or by phone at 928-282-3809. Due to the popularity of this program, we’ve outgrown our Sedona Arts Center venue and are moving to a larger one. These seminars and digital presentations will take place at the Sedona Performing Arts Center at Red Rock High School in West Sedona. Join us there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PhotoFest activities also include two outstanding exhibitions: Sedona Camera Club’s juried members’ show and Scott Stulberg’s photographs from his travels. Both exhibitions open on June 3 and will run simultaneously through June 12, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the Special Exhibition Gallery and Theatre Studio.



Shirley Eichten Albrecht, Gallery Director

This summer brings some very interesting shows to the gallery. June 7 through July 2 we will be “Celebrating Joella Jean Mahoney.” A local legend, Mahoney shows the power of the Southwest Landscape through her large, dramatic paintings. As Joella herself says, “Art is making my life work. . . . My landscapes are meant to honor the earth.”Join us at First Friday, June 7, from 5–8 p.m. to meet the artist and enjoy the beauty of her creations. In addition, have “A Conversation with the Artist” on June 20, 5–6 p.m. in the Gallery.


Canyon Sanctuary


June’s First Friday will be a lively one—a poetry reading by Rosemarie Dombrowski at 4:00 p.m. and will be preceded by a poetry workshop at 2:30 p.m. in the South Studio; the Fine Art Gallery, Special Exhibition Gallery, Theatre Studio and Student Clay Gallery will all feature special shows. All of this is FREE. Don’t miss the fun beginning at 2:30 p.m. on June 7!

We hope you will come by to enjoy the beautiful art and find that one thing (or two) you can’t live without!

Watch for “A New Wave” of artists to be featured in July.



Sharon Manzke, Membership Coordinator

Applications for the Members’ Summer Co-op Exhibition and Sale are now available. Artists can download the application from our website [click here to download] or pick up a copy at the Arts Center’s administrative office or Fine Art Gallery. This show is open to all members. Due to limited space in the Special Exhibition Gallery and Theatre Studio, we will track applications on a first come/first served basis and assign space accordingly. Applications are due by 4 p.m. on July 8 or postmarked by July 5, if mailed. Review the application and be sure you are available to fulfill the responsibilities of each participating artist. I am looking forward to our third Co-op; it opened doors for several of our members!

The next member’s event is the 8th Annual Open Members Exhibition; it is scheduled for September 6–22. This event takes place in the Special Exhibition Gallery, any member may bring in one piece for this exhibit. The prospectus is available online [click here to download], in the Gallery or in the Arts Center office; please review all of the key dates and eligibility requirements on the prospectus. Notify your friends in other arts organizations that by becoming a member of the Sedona Arts Center they, too, can be part of this great event. This exhibit will introduce their work to the Arts Center’s many guests as well as fellow artists. Now is the time to plan and create!

Membership becomes you; in so many ways membership is what you make it. There is the opportunity to interact with a varied group of creative people that spark new energy. This circle of friends is there for support and encouragement. The Arts Center provides a creative environment for all to enjoy. Becoming a part of the Arts Center can be so much more when members actively participate in the experience. We want to continue to expand the many ways we can offer new venues to our members. Membership really is all about you.
We welcome our new members: Elizabeth Isola, Shari Franklin, Margaret Kelley and Jan Nunn, Cindy Wylie, Noel Hargreaves, Christi Wachter, Peter and Elaine Shaw, Marguerite Aye, Trish Jahnke, Karen Spehar, Karen James, Jenny Reed, Laurie Fatland, Jan Buscho, Michelle Wolfe Moen, Ken and Kay Bork, Elle Gould, Adriane Bacavis, Cooki Thier, Star Hunter, Nancy and Steve Adler, Euripides Rodriguez, Judith Crichton, and Eloah Dawn. We’re delighted that you’ve joined the Sedona Arts Center family!

Look for much more in our upcoming newsletters! Past issues are archived on our website: [click here]








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