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Art Matters - Sedona Arts Center Newsletter
Issue No. 4 - December 2012

A Desk in the BarnDescription: ld Art Barn Logo
Pam Frazier, Executive Director

The 2013 School of the Arts spring schedule of courses is shaping up nicely and includes several exciting new offering along with the old favorites.

One new initiative is The Sedona Art Retreat. This offers a unique tour of self-discovery as you explore a world of creative possibilities. Sedona is known for three things: its beautiful and unique landscape, its art-colony atmosphere and as a place for spiritual retreat. The Sedona Arts Center has wrapped these elements into a unique package where art and self-discovery fuse, creating the opportunity for artists and those who consider themselves non-artists to engage fully in the experience of art. The retreat program is made of six project-based experiences that become a personal creative path for each participant. Click here to learn more!

I’d like to point out two existing opportunities that you may not know about:

  • Private Lessons The Sedona Arts Center helps students of all ages arrange private art lessons. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, resident or coming to Sedona for a short stay, we are happy to facilitate the connection to the kind of exploration you would like to do. We have a roster of artist that teach private lessons in various mediums—photography, painting, drawing and sculpture.
  • Mentoring  The mentoring program at the School of the Arts is designed to guide the student who has studied the basics of his or her craft and is ready to take it to another level. Students will typically choose a small committee of three artists well versed in the medium or style. Starting with a statement of the student’s goals the mentors will offer guidance through critique sessions to help the student evolve a body of work. By the end of the sessions the original statement of goals will have evolved into the Artists Statement suitable for a website or exhibition.

For more information or to arrange for your participation in either program, contact Vince Fazio, Director of the School of the Arts, at 928.282.3809.


Loving Bowls - December 1, 2012 - 1-4 p.m.

Sedona Arts Center is opening its doors once again for Loving Bowls 2012, which will be held on Saturday, December 1st 2012 from 1–4 p.m. at the Sedona Arts Center's Special Exhibition Gallery & Theater Classroom. This fantastic fundraiser offers a beautiful selection of Loving Bowls for your purchasing pleasure, plus food and loads of fun! Over 900 bowls have been made by local potters and lovingly glazed in a variety of beautiful finishes. Bowls are $10 each and they come with wonderful chili, bread and dessert.


Description: PAINTING: History and Technique
Louise MacDonald
Also known as hot wax painting, encaustic painting entails using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. The liquid/paste is then applied to a surface—usually prepared wood, though canvas and other materials are often used. The simplest encaustic mixture can be made from adding pigments to beeswax; other recipes contain other waxes, Damar resin or linseed oil. Metal tools are used to shape the paint before it cools; heated tools manipulate the cooled wax. Today, heat lamps and heat guns allow the artist more time to work with the material. Because wax is used as the pigment binder, encaustics can be sculpted as well as painted. Other materials can be collaged or layered into the surface.

This technique was used in Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits by Leonardo da Vinci, and many works of 20th-century North American artists, including Jasper Johns, Tony Sherman and Fernando Leal Audirac. Diego Rivera and Jean Charlot of the Mexican mural movement used encaustic painting. Encaustic art has seen a resurgence in popularity since the 1990s with artists using electric irons, hotplates and heated styli on different surfaces including card, paper and pottery. The medium can be used to create complex paintings in oil and acrylic.

Try it yourself!
ENCAUSTICS AND PAPER: This new course covers every art form involving the use of paper that you've dreamed of doing—and some you didn't imagine existed! While you discover the tricks of a brilliant ancient medium—the process of fixing wax colors with heat—you will work your favorite old book pages, photographs, vintage letters, magazine imagery and 3D objects onto handmade papers—fun for gift-making for the holidays, fun for treasuring old souvenirs.

Catherine Nash will teach you how to stain, paint, embed, layer, stitch, fold, form and dip! You'll learn to combine encaustic and paper to create unique waxed-based collage, assemblage and mixed media work. You will learn paper batik, encaustic drawing and painting on various papers. You'll dip for translucency and use wax as an adhesive. You will learn how to transfer photocopy imagery, how to layer for depth. After this, will there be anything left to learn about paper? Of course not, you'll be familiar with stratagems and styles of the ancient world, as well as today's techniques!

Click here for more information and to register online, or call the office anytime Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 928.282.3809 or toll-free 888.954.4442.

Catherine Nash has studied paper-making for 25 years, learning both European and Japanese techniques. Of paper-making, she says, "The magic of transforming plants onto paper is enamoring and exciting and potentially addicting. It inspires the creative mode." Nash is the author of the upcoming Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper and Encaustic, a collection of video tapes of 28 international artists.


Volunteer Corner 
Our sincere thanks go to the dozen volunteers who helped to remove old tanbark from the planter beds at the Arts Center and replace it with fresh bark. This effort was part of the community-wide Mitzvah (Good Deed) Day—a spirit-led day of service to community organizations of Sedona and the Verde Valley organized by Barbara Litrell and her robust planning committee. What would have taken two staff members a full day was accomplished by these volunteers in three short hours of “meaningful exercise” and fellowship. Next time you are at the Arts Center, stop long enough to smell the fresh bark!

See pictures of some of their projects at Mitzvah Day is funded by grants, donations and in-kind services from the City of Sedona, local organizations, faith communities, businesses and individuals.

NOTE: The Volunteer Appreciation luncheon has been rescheduled for January 22! Please mark your calendar!

To find out what you might like to do, check out the "Volunteer Wish List" on the Members' page at or click here!



Give a gift of art, education or membership—all available at the Sedona Arts Center! Any or all would be a great solution for last minute shoppers.

The Fine Art Gallery at the Sedona Arts Center is currently filled with a fabulous selection of one-of-a-kind  artworks that make wonderful gifts for those special people on your list.

Gift certificates are also available for merchandise, courses offered through the school and gift memberships!  Call 928.282.3809 or toll-free 888.954.4442.


The Sedona Arts Center is collaborating with the YMCA, the Film School at Yavapai College and West Sedona School to offer art experiences after school for any students 11 to 15 years of age. A dynamic program in film-making begins in the spring semester and will take place at the YMCA (former teen center) on Posse Grounds near the West Sedona School. The program is coordinated by Vince Fazio, Director of the Sedona Arts Center’s School of the Arts.

The spring session is funded by a generous grant from the Sedona Community Foundation, but YOU need to help us keep the program going!

Here’s how: Enroll in the Sedona Kids Tax Credit program.

Sedona Kids Tax Credit
The Arizona Tax Credit Program gives you full credit for your contribution and reduces your Arizona tax liability by up to $200 per single filer and $400 for joint filers—every dollar of which is kept within the Sedona –Oak Creek School District.

If you would like to support the After-School Art Program described above, pick up one of our specially stamped envelopes at the Gallery and check the boxes for West Sedona School and Fine Arts. Your contribution will be earmarked for this special use. To learn more about the Sedona KIDS Tax Credit program, go to The deadline to enroll is December 31.


Now through December 18: Small Works exhibition and sale in the Fine Art Gallery

Now through January 1: The Joy of Giving exhibition and sale in the Fine Art Gallery

December 1: Loving Bowls, 1–4 p.m. at the Special Exhibition Gallery and Theatre

December 3, 10, and 17: Three great sessions in the Business of Art series. Free to members, $10 for nonmembers! Click here for details and to register online.

December 7: First Friday at the Gallery

Look for much more in our upcoming newsletters!



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