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Issue No. 12- August 2013

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A Desk in the Barn
Pablo Picasso

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Diva Dog Interview
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July 25 Members’ Summer Co-op through August 25

August 2 First Friday receptions for "Give Peace a Chance" (Fine Art Gallery), Members' Co-op (Special Exhibition Gallery) and Student Clay Gallery (Ceramics Studio).

August 6, 13, 20, 27:  Open Studio for 2-D artists, 2–4 p.m.

September 6:   7th Annual Open Members’ Exhibit opens

September 18:  Save the date! Annual Members’ Meeting

September 21:  Members’ Art Swap Meet

For a full listing of our weekly classes: [click here]

Lucy's Blog


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A Desk in the Barn
Pam Frazier, Executive Director

Since 2011, 219 arts and culture organizations in Arizona—the Sedona Arts Center among them—have been contributing audited financial data to the Arizona Cultural Data Project (AZCDP) to form a centralized databank that helps us better understand the comprehensive impact of the arts on the state’s economy, among other things. The Arizona Commission on the Arts, along with a number of other participating funders in the state of Arizona, makes use of the Arizona Cultural Data Project as part of the grant application process.

AZCDP recently compiled a report that I thought you would find interesting. For instance:

  • Annually, arts and culture organizations contribute $225,241,588 to the Arizona economy and their audiences add another $356,076,636, for a total of $581,318,224—more than half a billion dollars!
  • Last year, arts and culture organizations counted 14,474,660 unique visits—about half were paid visits and half were free.
  • 25,903 volunteers engaged with arts and culture organizations in the last year, including our VIPs—Vitally Important People!
  • Of the 219 organizations reporting, 50% have budgets under $100k; 18% $100-249k; 7% $250-499k; 8% $500-999k; 10.5% $1-4.99m; 2.7% $5-9.99m; 3.7% $10m or above.
  • How are their budgets funded? On average (in this wide-spread range) 46% of income is earned and 54% of income is contributed.
  • The bad news: For the last two fiscal years, Arizona has ranked 50th in the nation in per capita state appropriations for arts and culture. The state’s remaining annual investment in arts and culture represents 0.0% of the state’s General Fund Budget. In case you’re interested, Minnesota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Wyoming and Maryland ranked as the top five in that order.
  • The good news: In the fiscal year that just began July 1, the Arizona Commission on the Arts received an additional one-time appropriation of $1 million from the State budget to be distributed through their grant-making program!

If you would like to dig deeper into the AZCDP report, visit www.AZARTS.GOV


Louise MacDonald, Contributing Writer

As a creative artist and citizen of a neutral nation, Pablo Picasso had been little affected by World War I and had shown little interest in politics before the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). Instantly impassioned, the artist was stirred to his soul by tales of the destruction caused by Franco's troops in the town of Guernica, the ancient capital of the Basques in northern Spain. The result was the artist's brilliant mural Guernica, which depicted the results of the world's first saturation bombing, a technique that would be widely used throughout World War II.

In this series of powerful images, Picasso evoked the horror and agony of total war, a prophetic vision of doom. With starkly stylized figures of semi-abstraction, he created searing scenes of the confusion and pain incurred during actual moments of destruction as the bombs were unleashed.

The symbolism of the scene underscores its importance to history. The mother and her dead child are descendants of the Pieta; the woman with the lamp recalls the Statue of Liberty; and the dead fighter's hand, still clutching his sword, symbolizes heroic resistance. The human-headed bull represents the forces of evil. In toto, these sprawling creatures convey the terror of modern war, turning our hearts and heads toward a desire and demand for world peace.

Eventually, Picasso's theme of peace was embodied in his famous emblem, the dove.

Louise Sheldon MacDonald, is a journalist and foreign correspondent who was an art critic for more than 20 years in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.


Shirley Eichten Albrecht, Gallery Director

At "press time" we are preparing to hang the August show "Give Peace a Chance" (can you hear John Lennon singing in the background?). Thirty-five of our gallery artists have embraced this theme for depicting their vision or statement on peace. We have so much to be thankful for. In spite of the evening news, many positive things are happening in the world that are too often eclipsed by the negative. We would encourage all to come and experience peace.

Give Peace a Chance

We are beginning to head into a very busy time of the year. It begins with the 7th Annual Open Members’ Show to which we invite all members. The show opens on First Friday, September 6, and runs through September 22. Take-in for the art is on September 3. I hope you are all feverishly working on a new piece for this show! Click here for more details in the prospectus. You may also pick up a prospectus at the gallery and office.

Online Gallery Visit our Online Gallery to shop online!

Sharon Manzke, Membership Coordinator

It’s August already! We’re looking at the last half of summer. There has been so much happening these past months.

We welcome our newest members: Jordan Ross, Myrna Browne, Dean Hueber, Anne & Arielle Abrams, Evelyn Gholson and Geoffrey & Sami Lyn Worssam. Welcome to the SAC family!

The Members’ Summer Co-op Exhibit and Sale is in progress; join us for First Friday Artists’ Reception August 2, 5–8 p.m. We are hosting 34 artists in this event, 13 of whom are new to the Arts Center. The Members’ Co-op continues through August 25 in the Special Exhibition Gallery and Theatre. Don’t miss it! 

Open Studio for 2-dimensional artists is still meeting Tuesdays from 1–4 p.m. in the North Classroom through September 24. Click here for more information. Many thanks to Sheron Foster for facilitating this afternoon of camaraderie and inspiration.

The 7th Annual Open Members’ Exhibition is September 6–22; there is still time for members to participate. Click here for the prospectus.

In July the Members’ webpage ( was updated. Visit this site often to stay aware of upcoming members’ events and exhibition opportunities, as well as classes and volunteer opportunities. Last year we offered a series of classes on The Business of Art, which many of you found very informative. This series is scheduled to be repeated this fall. The Art Appreciation film series with the Sedona International Film Festival continues to be enjoyed by many. The Arts Center is reaching out to provide you, our members, with new experiences.

The Gallery has a series of books that may pique your interest. They are all focused on assisting you in selling your art. They have been a great deal of help for me in selling your art! I just wanted you to know this is another resource for you at the Arts Center. Look for How to Sell Art and Starving to Successful by Jason Horejs; the newest addition is Open Your Studio: Nine steps to a Successful Art Event by Melinda Cootsona.

Looking for a private class? We now have a directory of 13 different instructors that will teach individuals or groups. If you want to try something new or focus on perfecting your talent, this may be just what you’re looking for. Call us for more information or consult the directory either at the gallery or the office.

Do you have a question about what’s going on a SAC? Are you uncertain of something but don’t know who to talk to? Well, now you do. The SAC Board has appointed Joanie Wolter to be a liaison between SAC and the members. If you have a question, concern, idea, etc., please get in touch with Joanie. Her email is Leave your name, question or concern and a phone number if you want, and she’ll get back to you. Being informed is important for all of us, so here’s your opportunity to get additional information or explanations if you need them!

Save the Dates!

The Annual Members’ Meeting is scheduled for September 18. Mark your calendar and watch for more information to come.

SAC is providing another Membership benefit. On Saturday, September 21, we’re hosting a one-day Art Swap Meet for any of you who are members and have art supplies (not your old blenders) you’d like to sell or trade. Anyone who is a member can join us. Buyers and sellers, mark your calendars and save the date. Sign-ups will begin in August, and there will be lots more information to follow!  This Swap Meet will be held in the SAC parking lot (weather permitting) or in the Theatre/SEG if weather is not permitting! Rain or shine, we’ll do it!

Membership becomes you! In so many ways membership is what you make it. Your membership supports many day-to-day operations of keeping the doors open to all. Our members’ support affects our ability to acquire grants that fund special projects and exhibits. It enables us to provide a broad array of classes, workshops, and field expeditions with master artists. Becoming a part of the Arts Center can be so much more when members participate in the experience. We want to continue to expand the many ways we can offer new venues to our members. Membership really is all about you! Join the fun!

In Memoriam

Deborah Fleck


It saddens us to inform our Sedona Arts Center members of the passing of one of our staff members, Administrative Assistant, Deborah Fleck. She passed away peacefully on Monday, July 1, 2013.

Deborah worked at our front desk in the offices of the Art Barn for 3-½ years. She was a loyal, dependable employee and her quick wit created a light atmosphere in the office. Besides her varied duties at the front desk, she also was our liaison for First Friday Poet's Corner and served as recording secretary at monthly meetings of the Board of Directors. Her creativity was present in everything she did. A talented writer and researcher, she authored In Search of the Menopause Ranch, which we carried in our Members' Gallery, and she had just finished a digital e-book version as well.   

. . . . Deborah’s wit and way with words combined in what we believe to be her final piece of journalism—an interview with Lucy, Sedona Arts Center’s canine mascot. Deborah, whose pen name is Vaughn, had noticed that Lucy’s blog had grown stale and wondered why.

Photo by David Zimmer


Deborah Vaughn

Miss Lucy, the Sedona Arts Center’s Canine Concierge, met with me recently so she could bring us all up to date on her many activities. 

Deborah: Lucy, you haven’t been blogging the last few months. What’s going on?

Lucy: I know and I’m sorry to have been absent.  It’s just that the Arts Center has been so busy lately and this year seems to be flying by!  I mean PhotoFest just ended and then Joella’s special exhibition and receptions and we’re already gearing up for the Plein Air Festival coming in October.  I’ve just been working my tail off, if you know what I mean.  A girl’s got to get her rest.

D: But as I understand it, even that’s not all you’ve been up to.  Are you ready to tell everyone the big news?

Lucy: Sure!  I’ve been selected as a cover girl for one of the 2014 Humane Society of Sedona’s Charity Calendars.  The Woof n Purr calendars will feature nominated local pets to grace each month’s page plus the back cover.  You can donate by voting for your favorite on the Humane Society’s webpage. All this goes toward the Humane Society’s spay and neuter efforts and of course, they’re a nonprofit just like the Arts Center, so all donations are tax deductible. 

D: That means they’re putting out two calendars for 2014, Woof featuring dogs and Purr showing off cats.  But Lucy, insiders tell me you’re on the back cover of the cat calendar.  Have I got that right?

Lucy: Oh, I know honey.  Dogs are supposed to have some kind of feline phobia and not get along with cats.  That’s a myth and it’s simply not true.  Probably started by birds; they’re a cagey bunch.  Some of my best friends are cats, truly.  My adopted sister Monet is a cat!  We’ve all got to look out for each other.  I mean, “We Are the World.” Animals started that, you know.

D: I didn’t know that.

Lucy: Oh yes, so anytime I can help my canine and feline siblings, I’m happy to do it.  I was once in their shoes—or is it paws?—homeless, that is. I want them all to find safe, happy, loving homes just like I did!

D: I understand you sat for a David Simmer photo shoot.

Lucy: Well, I’ll “sit” for anyone who offers me a treat, but yes, David did my shoot.  We’re old friends, you know.  See, he’s not only Secretary of the Arts Center board, but a skilled photographer and a writer.  I’m sure you’ll agree his work is excellent.

D: What else should people know about this?

Lucy: They expect the calendars to be available in August.  They’re $20 each plus shipping, if that’s necessary.  You can pick them up at the Humane Society after ordering from their website.  

D: Miss Lucy, does this represent maybe a new career for you?  Are you branching out into other areas?

Lucy: No, hon.  My love is and always will be the Arts Center.  But this is Sedona!  Giving and giving back is what our town is all about.  So look for me on the 2014 Humane Society Purr calendar, but come see me at the Arts Center Fine Art Gallery.  And bring a treat.

- - -
Deborah is missed.

Clint Frakes

Join us in the Sedona Arts Center Sculpture Garden on First Friday, August 2, at 4:00 p.m. for a reading by poet Elizabeth Oakes.

Elizabeth Oakes' most recent book of poems is Leave Here Knowing, published in January 2013, which explores the intersection of the material and spiritual worlds. Her other volumes are The Farmgirl Poems, which won the 2004 Pearl Poetry Prize, The Luminescence of All Things Emily, a volume of poems about Emily Dickinson, and Mercy in the New World, which tells the story of an actual colonial American woman in a series of persona poems.

Currently, she is writing a series of meditations on lines from Shakespeare and is experimenting with poems based on lines from Pablo Neruda's poetry. She is also writing ekphrastic poems on some of the art she sees in Sedona, among other projects. Oakes also blogs on Art and Writing from the Spiritual Imagination at etherealpub. In addition, she is the author of the e-book, Solace: Readings for Transforming Childhood Trauma, available on Kindle.

Having taught Shakespeare and Women's Poetry for twenty-one years at Western Kentucky University, Oakes, who holds a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, now lives and writes in Sedona and Bowling Green, KY, with her husband, John Warren Oakes, an artist.

Look for much more in our upcoming newsletters! Past issues are archived on our website: [click here]








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