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Issue No. 32–April 2015

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April 3 First Friday Poet's Corner with Gary Every 4 p.m.

Gallery openings 5–8 p.m.

  • "Beyond Ordinary" in main gallery
  • "Searching for Solid Ground" Paintings by Rose Moon and Cathy Gazda in the SEG
  • Ceramic studio CLOSED

April 6 "Vikings: Life and Legends" museum tour at 4 or 7 p.m. Mary D. Fisher Theatre

April 7 Arizona Gives Day!

May 2–3 PhotoFest Free Days at Sedona Performing Arts Center

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Pam Frazier, Executive Director

It’s spring. Achoooo! (Excuse me.) If you can’t tell by earlier sunrises and later sunsets, you can certainly tell by the sneezing and nose blowing all around you. Fluff from the cottonwood tree outside the Art Barn is drifting by on the breezes and we’re delighted to open doors and windows in spite of the elm seeds that gather on the carpet. And, yes, Spring Break is causing some traffic congestion. That’s the bad news. Or is it, really?

During the 18+ years that I lived and worked at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, I got used to the waves of tourists during high season. When the park’s main roads were laid out in the early 20th century, visitors arrived primarily by stagecoach or train and then got around on foot, horseback or buggy. Improvements have been made over time, but to this day the park is not as “user friendly” as one would hope for visitors arriving by car. It’s not unusual for tourists to stop in the middle of the road to consult a map or snap a picture of a squirrel. Nor for an elk to exercise its right-of-way by crossing roads at random. And, yes, there are still some parking issues.

Eventually, I made a choice. I could either stew over these “inconveniences,” or I could embrace them, realizing that I was living in—not just visiting—a place that shows up on Bucket Lists all over the world. That soldiers returning from combat plan to visit first thing when they get back to the States with the knowledge that life and robust health are not guaranteed. So even though it might make me late to a meeting or allow the ice cream to melt on the way home from the grocery store, I found myself smiling when these “inconveniences” occurred. Lucky me! I had the privilege of living there.

Same thing here in Sedona, don’t you think? I went to a meeting last night where the main topic of conversation was complaining about traffic congestion and the dread of increased tourism. I was disappointed to hear that so many people chose to stew rather than celebrate their good fortune to live in a place so beautiful that it is known throughout the world. I vote for choosing Joy. Where else can we enjoy such gorgeous views while stalled in traffic? Even at Grand Canyon you have to be close to the rim to enjoy it! 

Photo by Kelli Klymenko

The Sedona Arts Center regrettably announces the resignation of David Simmer, Board President. The entire organization joins in expressing its heartfelt appreciation for his passion, dedication and tireless service, which have brought the Arts Center to the brink of new possibilities. We all join in wishing David and his family well as they embark on the next phase of their retirement here in Sedona. Kath Gilliam, board Vice President, will serve as President pending a board election.



April 6, at 4 or 7 p.m., join us on a visit to the British Museum for a tour of “Vikings: Life and Legend.” No need for a plane ticket. Just sit back and enjoy it at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre where SAC and the Sedona International Film Festival are partnering to bring you this fabulous experience.

$12.50 for members of either organization; regular tickets are $15.00.

CLICK HERE to see a trailer of "VIKINGS" and to order tickets online.

Arizona Gives Day is a powerful 24 hour online giving experience that unites Arizonans around causes they believe in. This year, you can make a difference by supporting our Summer Camps and Film-making Programs! Summer Camps at the Sedona Arts Center provide a rich environment for kids ages 8-13 to explore film making and/or visual arts and ceramics for two full weeks facilitated by experienced faculty.

Here's how you can make a difference:

Though large donations are always welcome, on April 7th, many smaller donations will add up to huge benefits for Sedona Arts Center! Completely tax-deductible, your April 7th donation can lead to our receiving additional funds. How is that possible?

If you simply cannot wait, you can donate now - $10 or more to Arizona Gives Day at https://azgives.givebig.org/c/GivesDay/a/sedonaartscenter

The second way to donate is to wait until April 7th, the official Arizona Gives Day. On that day, please visit:https://azgives.givebig.org/c/GivesDay/a/sedonaartscenterand follow the prompts to make your donation. But here's the main reason to donate on April 7th: Every hour, the nonprofit receiving the most donations during that hour will receive an additional $1000! So to really help on April 7th, make your online donation between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Arizona Time, our chosen giving time. Remember, that's $10 at 10 a.m.

The third way to help us is to forward this info to all your friends and family, especially to your Facebook and Twitter followers! Let them know how much the arts center means to you and the community and thank them in advance for their commitment to our programs.

Here's the link, one more time:

Thank you for your support!

Presenting: Brad Buckman, Seth Casteel, Bob Coates, Kelli Klymenko, Joyce Tenneson

Sponsored by: City of Sedona, Canon, Rollies Camera, iPhone Life Magazine, Sedona Monthly, Sedona MediSpa, Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Phoenix Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, Sedona Red Rock High School, Republic Media, and Panasonic.

Sedona PhotoFest 2015 will EDUCATE and INSPIRE photographers of every level with two full and FREE days of great programming and presentations on May 2 and 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Sedona Performing Arts Center (SPAC). Presented by the Sedona Arts Center, Sedona PhotoFest includes technical and artistic insights across a wide spectrum of interests including Portrait Photography, Underwater Dogs, iPhoneography and Fashion Photography! Plus! Don’t miss out on seven unique workshops (running April 29 through May 6, 2015) and four compelling seminars on May 3 at the Sedona Arts Center.

See the complete schedule online: http://www.sedonaphotofest.org/Schedule.html


Vince Fazio, Director, School of the Arts

Photography Workshops at Sedona Arts Center:

The Modern Landscape
Alissa and Jacob Hessler
| April 29 - May 1, 2015


Photographing the Soul of Your Subjects
Joyce Tenneson
| May 1, 2015


iPhoneography Workshop
Kelli Klymenko
| May 1, 2015


Hands on Headshots
Brad Buckman | May 4, 2015


Bob Coates
| May 4–5, 2015


The Nude in the Landscape
Scott Stulberg
| May 5, 2015

$375.00 (includes $75.00 models fee)

Photoshop for Photographers
Scott Stulberg
| May 6, 2015


$40 2-Hr PhotoFest Seminars May 3 at Sedona Arts Center:

What Makes a Portrait Memorable
Joyce Tenneson

The Art of Travel Photography
Scott Stulberg

Seth Casteel: Pet Photographer
Seth Casteel

Everyone Needs a Picture
Brad Buckman


Shirley Eichten Albrecht, Gallery Director

Spring is in full bloom and with it we open our next show, Beyond Ordinary, showcasing Gretchen Lopez’s beautiful oil paintings and pillows, Mariann Leahy’s unique ceramic work, Christine Debrosky’s luminous pastels, Linda Sherman’s flowing watercolors and April Bower’s unique and creative jewelry. Each of these artists always go beyond the ordinary.

During the Opening Reception on First Friday, April 3, Gretchen Lopez will do her annual demonstration where she will have a model and show the process she uses as she paints. The demonstration will be 6–7 p.m. in the main gallery. Throughout the month there will be more artist demonstrations. Click here for the complete schedule.

35th Annual Juried Members Show Winners! 

Our members shined during last month’s show with their variety of styles and mediums. Our Opening Reception was packed and there was a lot of excitement. We were so pleased to have had Mayor Sandy Moriarty assist us with the awards ceremony. Best of Show was won by Deanne McKeown for One Pure Note (pictured right). McKeown, a gifted sculptor and jewelry artist, not only won Best of Show but also First Place in the Sculpture category, Second Place in Sculpture, and Third Place in Jewelry. The following is a full listing of all the winners:

Best Of Show
                  Deanne McKeown One Pure Note

                  1st –Luna Patterson ZigZag                                                                         
                  2nd– Monte Voepel Jade Vase                                                                    
                  3rd –Luke Metz Hydra

Drawing/colored Pencil
                  1st – Jennifer Epperson Red & Yellow                                                    
                  2nd –Deborah Stromsdorfer Echinopsis Sunrise                             
                  3rd  – Nori Thorne Crawdad Hunter                                                        

                  1st – Komala Rohde Mokume Gane                                                        
                  2nd – Susan Moody Southwest Wave                                                     
                  3rd – Deanne McKeown Turquoise Feather Necklace                  

Painting – Oil/Acrylic
                  1st – Mary Dove Iris: Bearded Wonder                                                           
                  2nd – Julie Gilbert Pollard Virga                                                                        
                  3rd – Jack Durrwachter Topaz in Motion                           

Painting – Watercolor/Mixed Media
                  1st –Mary Dove Blue Domes of Santorini                           
                  2nd –Julie Gilbert Pollard Arch at Slide Rock II                                
                  3rd – Evelyn Gholson It’s About Time                                                     
                  1st – Lanie Widmar Tres Iglesius II
                  2nd – Lanie Widmar Tlaquepaque Fiesta
                  3rd – Rosemary Corneto Mechanical Shifts

Photography /Digital Art
                  1st – Robert Albrecht Sunset Run                                           
                  2nd – Harvey Stearn Together Again                                    
                  3rd – Elaine Belvin Mud BAth                                                    
1st – William Belvin Nocturnal Wonderland
2nd – Cherie Tolliver Morning Reflections
3rd – William Belvin False Kiva

                  1st – Deanne McKeown One Pure Note                              
                  2nd – Deanne McKeown Dog and Pony Show                                  
                  3rd – Cathryn Stedman Sassy                                                                      
                  1st – Rosemary Corneto Our Daily Bread

Wood/Fiber/3D Mixed media
                  1st – Byron McKeown A Gentleman’s Evening Stick    
                  2nd – Joanne Hiscox Neptune’s Garden
                  1st – Mary Pallais Wixlad

Online Gallery Visit our Online Gallery to shop from home.
Visit: http://www.sedonaartscenter.org/Gallery and click on the 'see inside' feature to check out our current show!

Sharon Manzke, Membership Coordinator

We couldn’t do it without you!
We were pleased to have 40 of our dedicated volunteers for lunch on Wednesday, March 18. The Theatre in the Art Barn was transformed by the beautiful artworks of Sedona painter, poet and community activist Adele Seronde (pictured right). Adele and Ellen Kamerling led a discussion on art, Richard Barnwell and Melanie Gold prepared a wonderful lunch; board members Dennis Ott, Lewis Guthrie and Kath Gillam served ice cream dessert and we were entertained by musician and singer Dom Giazzon. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of volunteers at the Arts Center. It truly was an honor to have you all here.

Volunteers that received awards for contributing their time and talent were:

100 Hours – Jan Bareuther and Sharrie Wadsack
250 Hours – April Ludy, Komala Rohde, and Sharrie Wadsack
750 Hours – Judy Classen, Mary Flaisig, Linda Kaufmann, Joan Roberts, and Nick Warner
1,000 Hours – Carol Dreyfus

Pictured left to right: Sharon Manzke, Carol Dreyfus, Shirley Albrecht, Debbie Winslow

We welcome our new members: Sally Long White, Judith Bowen, Elisa McKnight, Catherine Beers, Carol Benally, Laurie Dawe, Michael Cugini and Suzanne Juarez, William and Judith Victorson, Agata Kijanka, Bonnie Chameides, Rob and Sandy McCurdy-Minor, Diann Kincaid, Bonnie Chameides, James and Irma Idell, Wendy Bialek, Phyllis Merriam, Phil and Marie-Louise Towle, Barbara Wilson, and Sandra Meissner.

Look for much more in our upcoming newsletters! Past issues are archived on our website: click here.










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