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Issue No. 20–April 2014

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April is National Poetry Month!

April 4  First Friday gallery opening (5-8 p.m.) and Poet’s Corner (4 p.m.)

April 4–9 Eclectic Art Exhibit in SAC’s Special Exhibition Gallery.

April 9  Arizona Gives Day!

April 10  Special Lecture "Why Art History?"

April 11–13  Visual Arts Retreat

April 17–29  Arizona Pastel Association Spring Juried Membership Show in SAC’s Special Exhibition Gallery

April 23  New Members Reception 5:30–7 p.m. 

April 24  Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 26–27  The Power of Words Retreat

April 26–27  Self Discovery Retreat

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Pam Frazier, Executive Director

Many of you know Gretchen Lopez, painter and teacher at the Sedona Arts Center. If you’ve ever taken a workshop with Gretchen, you also knew her husband John Barrett Ashenhurst, an accomplished artist in his own right, who passed away in January.

I am honored to announce, in John and Gretchen’s honor, the establishment of the Gretchen Lopez Scholarship Fund to enable students to pursue their artistic passions. This fund has been seeded by a $5,000 gift from Jay and Sheri Young with the intent that it will serve as a challenge for matching donations. We are grateful for this significant contribution, which acknowledges Gretchen’s and John’s importance to their students and ongoing service to the Sedona Arts Center.

If you would like to contribute to this scholarship fund, you may do so by sending a check payable to the Sedona Arts Center and earmarked for the Gretchen Lopez Scholarship Fund, or donate online now by pressing the Donate button below.

The Kling Family Foundation has also established a scholarship fund to enable artists at all levels to continue to grow in their chosen mediums through the Arts Center.

Maybe you can recite the Sedona Arts Center’s mission by heart: We are dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning and sharing through arts education and artistic development. That mission is furthered by our ability to offer scholarships to help emerging artists achieve their goals. Please inquire about the availability of financial assistance for attending classes and workshops at SAC. We will be happy to help you.

Last year Sedona Arts Center awarded over $10,000 in scholarships to student artists who would not have been able to participate in art workshops and classes without the additional funds. Your contribution will help to share the world of art with students who would truly benefit from a scholarship! 


April 10, 2014
Special Lecture: Why Art History?
With guest speaker Michael Cothren

Art History is a relatively young academic discipline. Initially restricted in America to wealthy collectors and the administrators of public museums, the historical study of art blossomed in the U.S. after the arrival of scholars fleeing the Nazis in the late 1930s to take teaching jobs in this country. Art history is now a standard feature of the liberal arts curriculum. Recently, however, it has also become the target of jokes and political jabs, the poster discipline for the seemingly irrelevant aspects—the frills—of higher education. In fact, the lessons learned from studying works of art within a historical framework are actually more important now than they ever have been, especially if we are interested in preparing American undergraduates to take their place as responsible citizens within a global world that is significantly more visual than the one we grew up in. What does the history of art, and the visual intelligence it fosters, offer to early 21st-century society? What lessons are learned from the study of Giotto and Caravaggio? Why are they two of Cothren’s favorite artists? Come and find out!

St. Jerome, Caravaggio, Galleria Borghese, Rome

Thursday, April 10, 7 p.m. in the Sedona Arts Center Theatre Studio

Michael Cothren is Chair of the Department of Art at Swarthmore College and Scheuer Family Professor of Humanities. Michael’s research and publications focus on French Gothic art and architecture, including an art history text book co-authored with Marilyn Stokstad, and most recently a book on the stained glass of Beauvais Cathedral, Picturing the Celestial City. When he isn’t teaching, writing or researching he can be found hiking in the red rocks around Sedona.

Vince Fazio, Director School of the Arts

Art Retreats: Three experiences from which to choose!

The Sedona Art Retreats are based on the notion that creativity is best explored through an interdisciplinary approach. The retreat format invites participants to explore both the inner and outer dimensions of creative work. During the last year we have fine-tuned the retreat program to offer three separate retreats with different areas of emphasis: The Visual Arts Retreat, The Power of Words Retreat and The Self Discovery Retreat. Any of these retreats is perfect for the artist or “yet-to-be” artist with no previous experience needed.

Komala Rohde is the coordinator and one of the teachers in the program. She has been involved in various models of retreat over the years and has observed that the new model for a ‘retreat’ has become more of a hands-on experience rather than a purely psychological or meditative model. Art-making is the perfect bridge between one’s inner and outer world. All the projects in the retreat are hands-on and explore the ways that art surprises, delights and engages our senses and our minds. Art-related retreats become a personal creative path for each participant.

School of the Arts The Visual Arts Retreat: (April 11–13, May 2–4, May 30–June 1) Creative journaling with Libby Caldwell; collage with Vince Fazio; photography with Larry Lindahl; “life mask” making with Liz Learmont, and creating a personal talisman with Komala Rohde. Read more

School of the Arts

The Power of Words Retreat: (April 26–27, June 7–8) Our words have the power of personal magic when grounded in reality and used creatively. This unique writing retreat harnesses the transforming and healing power of fully engaged senses, creative wordplay and storytelling. Kate Hawkes and James Bishop have designed this retreat to create a unique synergy of influences that become models for writing. Read more

School of the Arts




The Self Discovery Retreat: (April 26–27, May 10–11)
For this journey of self-discovery you will learn something useful about yourself by recognizing your own fundamental (favorite) coping mechanism and helping you see how this might be a barrier to your creative work. It asks the question What if there were no barriers to your creative potential? Creative blocks can manifest as the need for perfection, the power of distraction, or perhaps even a fear of failure . . . or success. This unique retreat teaches you to transform your resistance, by combining the wisdom of the nine-pointed personality system known as the Enneagram, taught by Kath Gilliam, with a unique creative project taught by Libby Caldwell. Read more

Customized Retreats for Groups, Couples or Individuals
Imagine designing your own Sedona Art Retreat. You can choose from a rich spectrum of interests, mediums and experiences to create your own retreat recipe. From photography and painting to cooking and jewelry, from collage and glass fusing to ceramics and writing. Komala Rohde will be your retreat coordinator, weaving projects and experiences together to create a rich and transformative adventure on your own schedule. How do you do it? Individuals, families, friends, or corporate groups are invited to inquire!

Give us a call at 928-282-3809 to explore further, email The School of the Arts Director at        

Shirley Eichten Albrecht, Gallery Director

The 34th Annual Juried Members’ Show last month was stunning! Sales were good and the traffic picked up nicely with Spring Break visitors. We want to congratulate Christie Palmer on winning Best of Show for Window of Faith, Lisbon. And congratulations go to all the other winners in each of the following categories:

  • Ceramics/Pottery-Professional: First place, Luna Patterson; Second place, Ken & Lyn Mikell; Third place, Marianne Leahy
  • Drawing/Colored Pencil/Pastel-Professional:  First place, Susan Pitcairn; Second place, Chris Been;  Third place, Mary Dove                                                              
  • Drawing/Colored Pencil/Pastel-Emerging: First place, Nori Thorne; Second place, Melanie; Third place, Kendra Noone
  • Glass/Jewelry-Professional: First place, Joan Roberts (jewelry); Second place, Joanne Hiscox (Glass); Third place, Deanne McKeown  (Jewelry)                       
  • Oil, Acrylic Painting-Professional: First place, Rose Moon; Second place – Susan Pitcairn; Third place, Pat Stacy
  • Oil, Acrylic Painting-Emerging: First place, Patsy Reed; Second place, Irene Hesch; Third place, Nori Thorne
  • Watercolor/Mixed Media-Professional: First place, Lyn Toneri; Second place, Mary Helsaple; Third place, Lynn Toneri
  • Watercolor/Mixed Media-Emerging: First place, Scotti Ruhlman; Second place, Cornelia Hartley
  • Photography/Digital Art-Professional: First place, Robert Albrecht; Second place, Stephanie Brand; Third place, Georgia Michalicek
  • Photography/Digital Art-Emerging: First place, Cherie Tolliver; Second place, Elaine Belvin; Third place, William Belvin
  • Sculpture-Professional: First place, Deanne McKeown; Second place, Adryanna B. Ciera; Third place, Deanne McKeown
  • Wood/Fiber/3D Mixed Media-Professional: First place, R. C. Hink; Second place, Joanne Hiscox; Third place, Shirley Albrecht

Friday, April 4, join us for Poets Corner at 4 p.m. in the Sculpture Garden. Featured poet will be Mickey O’Connor from Seattle, WA.

The month of April in the Gallery kicks off with “Profusion of Color,” featuring Gretchen Lopez’s fabulous oils and painted pillows, Susan Moody’s vibrant fused glass, oils by Kathryn Willis, mixed media by Birgitta Lapides, and Cyndi Thau’s oil paintings and hand painted silk scarves.
April also means our newest juried artists will be bringing in their work. I hope you will all welcome Evelyn Gholson (Mixed media), Alicia Short (Watercolor), Viki Norris (Jewelry), John Foster (ceramics), Chrisanne Finefrock (Oil), and Elena Miras Garcia (Photography). They will be a great addition to the current art. Look for them to be demonstrating and attending our various events.

February 2014

Be sure to stop by the gallery to connect with artists who are demonstrating throughout each month. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the artist, watch the process and a chance to purchase art that you saw being created. All demonstrations are open to the public so come on in! Click here for the complete demo schedule.

Online Gallery Visit our Online Gallery to shop from home.


Sharon Manzke, Membership Coordinator

We have dedicated the month of April to growing our membership program. Watch for our “artful” promotions to Join the Fun! by becoming a member of the Sedona Arts Center.  Help us recruit new members. They will thank you for it!

L to R: Sonya Malkhassian, board member; Pam Frazier, executive director; David Simmer, board president; Vince Fazio, director SAC’s School of the Arts. Photo by Kelli Klymenko.

We started 2014 by offering members a wonderful new benefit, NARM the North American Reciprocal Museum Association. NARM gives you membership benefits at over 680 arts and culture organizations across North America. Many of you have joined for the first time or upgraded your membership to the Supporting level ($100 per year) or above to qualify for NARM benefits.  Take a moment to check out the NARM benefits on our website [click here]. Members are giving us great feedback about how they have enjoyed using this benefit and how it quickly and easily pays for itself! Benefits often include free admission to museums and exhibitions, and a member discount at museum gift shops at these organizations across the country. Join the Fun!

We welcome New Members: Craig Swanson and Mary Lynn Zonakis, Elaine Alquist, Catherine Carrol, Elaine Caughlin, Julee Norton-Cohen, Marlene Besso, and Peter and Pamela Conner.

Save the date: Whether you are a new or longtime member, you are invited to a members’ reception on Wednesday, April 23, 5:30–7:00 p.m. in the Special Exhibition Gallery. Guests are always welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Special Exhibition Gallery

Adryanna Ciera is your new contact person regarding rental of the Special Exhibition Gallery, Theater, and classroom space.  We have updated the rental application and agreement forms; they will be available to you very soon on the website. The Arts Center wants to make our space open as a venue to community organizations and individuals to exhibit, hold workshops and meetings when space is not in use for Art Center classes, workshops and retreats. You may contact Adryanna at:

Look for much more in our upcoming newsletters! Past issues are archived on our website: [click here]








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